A Message from National President Patrick Yoes

A valuable tool for the FOP’s National Legislative Program is the National Fraternal Order of Police Political Action Committee (NFOP PAC). The NFOP PAC helps us educate Members of Congress about issues important to our members. We do this by promoting the FOP’s legislative priorities and providing the opportunity for our members who are interested in the safety, health, and occupational security of rank-and-file law enforcement officers to contribute to worthy candidates for Federal office–candidates who believe in and have demonstrated their support of the principles to which the FOP is dedicated. The NFOP PAC supports candidates and elected officials who stand as staunch allies for law enforcement and give a strong voice to the issues of rank-and-file officers.

Any PAC is only as strong as its balance, so we enthusiastically support payroll deduction programs like that operated by the Long Beach Police Officers Association–the first lodge to institute a payroll deduction program to benefit the NFOP PAC. The LBPOA program is hugely successful and raises thousands of dollars for the NFOP PAC every year. We urge all of our lodges to consider adopting a payroll deduction program!

The NFOP PAC also encourages our members to participate in a monthly donation program, which has been dwindling of late. We need more members to participate by making a monthly donation to support the NFOP PAC.

Even though this is an “off year,” we face the challenge of remaining competitive with other organizations and PACs who, like the FOP, will be raising funds to enable them to compete in the upcoming election cycle.

Consider this:  if every member donated $1.00 each month for one year, or made an annual contribution of $12, we would have more than $4,000,000! We use our PAC to support those that support us—to support those who have our back as we continue to serve, protect and defend.

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Patrick Yoes

National President

Fraternal Order of Police



FOP Action Center

Make your voice heard! Contact members of Congress about various FOP priorities such as Protect and Serve, LEOSA Reform, Federal Officers, Social Security and Qualified Immunity. For more information, go to the FOP Action Center.




2nd Half Per Capita

Second half per capita is due to the Grand Lodge by May 1st. Make sure your lodge’s per capita is current in order to receive your conference credentials in a timely manner. Credentials will start being mailed out the first part of May.




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National Executive Board


President: Patrick Yoes                         Vice President: Joe Gamaldi

Secretary: Jimmy Holderfield                Treasurer: Tom Penoza

2nd Vice President: Les Neri                 Sergeant-at-Arms: Keith Turney

Trustee Chairman: Rob Pride