Apathy. I am truly beginning to feel that the law enforcement community suffers from apathy. I understand that not everyone got into this job to make a career of it.  Yet, we are all doing the job, and it seems that the vast bulk of cops sits idly by and depend on a few to stand up, speak out and try to make a positive difference for our profession.

True change is going to take the majority to rise up, band together and speak in one single voice.  We must stand together, otherwise we will be beaten up and torn down.

I challenge everyone who wears the badge, and those who wore the badge, to become actively involved in matters that affect the law enforcement profession.

If you’re doing nothing and expecting to benefit from what others are doing, you’re part of the problem.  Be part of the solution by being involved and being vocal about your needs and wants as a law enforcement officer. We are not second-rate citizens. We are public servants who chose an honorable profession.

We are not villains, crooks or monsters. We are the sheepdogs that are constantly watching over the flock, ready to protect, serve and sacrifice – if necessary.  We are the front line of defense for our towns, cities, counties, states and our great nation.

It is high time that we stand up and hold our elected leaders accountable for the tools we need to effectively do our jobs. Whether it is better protective equipment, better pay, adequate health and medical benefits or anything else that will aid us in our jobs.

Let’s not sit idly by and allow some paper pushers, or worse the anti-law enforcement pukes, to chart our course.

Get involved, be active and be part of the solution. For me, joining the Fraternal Order of Police was the obvious choice to get involved and become active. Find what fits for you and be the change.