Saturday evening, the Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3 hosted our annual awards night at Bud Knight’s Party Barn in Summerville.

Senator Sean Bennett

Senator Sean Bennett

Special guest Senator Sean Bennet who praised the efforts and bravery of the men and women of law enforcement spoke to a packed house.

The Executive Board would like to thank everyone who assisted with making this event a success.

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The lodge recognized the following individuals for their outstanding performance and dedication to the law enforcement profession:


Award of Appreciation

Thurmond Kirnchner Timbes

Michael Timbes and Paul Thurmond of Thurmond, Kirchner and Timbes, P.A. accepting their award from President John Blackmon

This will be issued to a person or company who demonstrates exceptional actions which benefit the Good of the Order

  • Doug Delong
  • Theresa Faircloth (9/11 Heroes Run Director)
  • Thurmond, Kirchner and Timbes, P.A.
  • Master Deputy Michael Ackerman (For all his hard work with Senate Bill 429)
  • Cassandra Cooner

Award of Merit

This will be awarded to a Law Enforcement Officer who’s actions are above and beyond the call of duty which results in the life saving of a life, a major case arrest or a major contraband seizure.

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit

  • Lieutenant Michael Conkey
  • Sergeant Jay Christmas
  • Master Deputy Richard Craver
  • Master Deputy Mason Ashby
  • Deputy First Class Michael Buenting
  • Deputy First Class Zach Lindsay
  • Deputy First Class Christopher Quinn
  • Deputy First Class Jeffrey Phillips

Charleston County Violent Crimes Unit

  • Sergeant Jay Zealberg
  • Detective Matthew Downing
  • Detective Will Muirheid
  • Detective Julius Alexander
  • Detective Mitch Wilson
  • Detective Barry Goldstein

Charleston City Police Department

  • Police Officer Benjamin Hartung

Goose Creek Police Department

  • Patrolman First Class Ted Davis
  • Patrolman First Class Gregory Jones & K9 Dax
Phillip Muckelvaney

North Charleston Police Officer Phillip Muckelvaney presented with his award by President John Blackmon

North Charleston Police Department

  • Patrolman First Class Joel Banias
  • Patrolman First Class Sean Bernard
  • Patrolman First Class Cindy Bordallo
  • Patrolman Justin Garrison
  • Detective Whitney Horn
  • Patrolman First Class Ryan Killin
  • Master Patrol Officer Phillip Michael Kirkland
  • Patrolman First Class Phillip Muckelvaney
  • Patrolman Kyle Radford
  • Detective Sam Riedel
  • Corporal Michael Bridges

Summerville Police Department

  • Patrolman First Class Kelley Loff & K9 Kron
  • Sergeant Shaun Tumbleston

Award of Valor

Presented to a law enforcement officer that voluntarily risks his/her own life to an extraordinary degree in saving or attempting to save the life of another person

Charleston City Police Department

  • Police Officer Andrew Delaney
  • Police Officer David Henderson
  • Police Officer Grant Mattingley
  • Police Officer David Stewart

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

  • Master Deputy Christopher Schwerin

Mount Pleasant Police Department

  • Corporal Adam Willis (Pulled a person from a burning vehicle)

North Charleston Police Department

  • Patrolman First Class Sam Souther

South Carolina Highway Patrol

  • Lance Corporal Eddie Robinson (Pulled a person from a burning vehicle)

Summerville Police Department

  • Captain Douglas Wright (Pulled a person from a burning vehicle)

Award of Lifetime Achievement

Awarded to an individual to honor his or her life-long contributions in law enforcement. He or she has consistently maintained highly creative and effective effort, displayed exemplary service and exhibited strong leadership skills.


Thomas G. Botchie

Thomas G. Botchie

Tom Botchie accepting the award of Lifetime Achievement from President John Blackmon and Senator Sean Bennett


Legislator of the Year

The Legislator of the Year award honors and acknowledges a local political leader for their dedication and service to the betterment of the Law Enforcement Profession.

Senator Paul R. Thurmond

Paul Thurmond

Senator Paul Thurmond accepting the Legislator of the Year Award from President John Blackmon

Tri-County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

This is presented to a well-rounded law enforcement officer who has exceeded the duty requirements expected of his or her position and has demonstrated a distinct pattern of community service with professional achievement. This award takes into account heroic acts and bravery

Corporal Gene E. Johnson, Walterboro Police Department

Gene Johnson

Walterboro Police Corporal Gene Johnson named Tri-County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

(Closed a 37-year-old cold case file on the Elaine Fogle and charged her murderer. He worked tirelessly for 7 months and brought the family some piece of mind)

Tri-County FOP Lodge#3 Member of the Year

The recipient of this award will be an active member who in the last calendar year consistently demonstrated a tireless effort to promote and support the Fraternal Order of Police. This member is active in lodge activities, functions, and meetings.

Ryan C. Heid

Ryan Heid

Ryan Heid named the Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3 Member of the Year

The Fraternal Order of Police, Tri-County Lodge #3 also recognized members with years of service for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 years. We also recognized Harold Phillips for his service to the Executive Board.