Awards Ceremony of the
Tri-County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3


Our annual awards night was on Saturday, April 20, 2013, at our Lodge in Hanahan. There was a great turn out by the law enforcement community.

The event featured special guest Colleton County Sheriff Andy Strickland who gave an outstanding speech to all in attendance.

The Executive Board would like to thank everyone who assisted with making this event a success.

The lodge recognized the following individuals for their outstanding performance and dedication to the law enforcement profession:

Award of Merit


Summerville Police Department
Patrolman First Class Kenneth Driscoll
Patrolman First Class Ryan Tanner

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office
Detective Fletcher Ferguson

Hanahan Police Department
Officer Mike Norton

South Carolina Highway Patrol
Corporal Earl McAbee

North Charleston Police Department
Patrolman First Class Anthony King
Sergeant Scott Hille
Officer Brandon Van Ausdal
Patrolman First Class Glen Kramer
Master Police Officer Craig McAlhaney
Detective Mark Evans
Detective Matt Hughes
Detective Charles Hurst
Detective Steve Hall
Patrolman First Class John Stott
Patrolman First Class Jeremy Schmidt

Award of Appreciation


Patrolman First Class Clinton Ivey – North Charleston Police Department


The following members were recognized for their dedication to the lodge:

Member of the Year


Travis. C. Dodd – Hanahan Police Department

Lodge Membership Recognition:


10 Years

Sidney Aiken, Doris Asbell, James Bateman, Joseph Bill, Joseph Bistromowitz, Jason Bombard, Thomas Botchie, Cassandra Brooks, David Cheatle, Robert Coker, Michael Conkey, Anthony Daniele, William Dean, Michael Dixon, Norman Eubanks, Mikel Graham, John Graves, David Guilarte, Robert Horne, Timothy Jones, Bruce Klimecki, William Lang, Christopher McElman, Christopher Mooney, Victor Nico, Frank Nigro, William O’Brien, Randal Olsen, John O’Meara, Jesus Ossa, Thomas Peterson, Oliver Puckett, James Riley, Robert Smith, Rachel Stern, Hurshel Tanner, John Tharp, Shaun Tumbleston, Carlton Washington, Cassandra Williams, Deborah Witz and Andy York

15 Years

Harry Long

20 Years

Donald Scandell

25 Years

Ronald Bridgman, Charles McCraw, David Gobel, Paul Helms, John Magwood, William Richardson and Michael Ringley