Last night, a Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy was shot multiple times by a masked suspect in Moncks Corner.  While Lt. Will Rogers is out of surgery, and in critical but stable condition, the gunman is still at large.

Nationally, four law enforcement officers have been killed in two weeks.  Luckily, Lt. Rogers will not be number 5.

The shooting of Lt. Rogers is a terrible reminder of the peril our law enforcement officials face.   Attacks and assaults on law enforcement officers appear to be happening with more frequency, often without provocation

These cowardly attacks on law enforcement must stop.  We, as a society, must demand that this ends.    We need to ensure that our first line of defense is protected while it protects us.

All lives matter.


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John Blackmon

A retired law enforcement officer who now serves as the President of the Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3.
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