Dorchester Deputies Cleared in Shooting

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Dorchester Deputies Cleared in Shooting

2015-09-11T14:15:39+00:00September 12th, 2015|Conversation, From the President|2 Comments

Early in August, three Dorchester County Deputies became involved in a high speed pursuit with a possible suspect from an attempted murder incident.  This suspect not only opened fire on unarmed citizens, but also shot at a South Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper.

After the suspect crashed into a house, he raised his gun at the three deputies.  They took action to protect themselves.

The local solicitor has cleared the deputies and determined it was an “open and shut” case.

Now, the National Action Network has decided that none of that matters.  They have decided that the shooting wasn’t justified.  Through their intense and exhaustive investigation, they have made this determination.  This group of highly trained legal experts has made this determination.

No investigation happened.  No legal experts exist.  Just rhetoric.

If you believe Elder James Johnson, longtime solicitor David Pascoe and the team of skilled investigators from the State Law Enforcement Division are conspirators in this great cover-up.   If you believe Elder James Johnson, these dedicated public servants are willing to ignore their oaths and violate laws they have sworn to uphold to simply ignore justice.

Elder Johnson needs to remove his tinfoil hat and realize when someone opens fire on law enforcement or raises a firearm at law enforcement, they are likely to be shot.


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    Great job…

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