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Facility Rental
Tri-County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3

lodgeBeginning October 8, 2007, the membership has established a $250 fee for any member who uses the lodge. After the event, the member who pays the fee will be eligible for a $100 refund provided the building and grounds are clean and organized as detailed in the lodge use agreement. This fee must be paid before the lodge may be used.

Facility rentals are only available to active Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3 members.

Beginning March 10, 2014, the membership elected to restrict the use of audio/visual equipment during facility rentals. The audio/visual equipment will only be available after a non-refundable deposit of $100 is received. Request for the equipment must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled facility use.

The lodge use fee may be waived for members who have volunteered and participated in a special event or are active on a committee within the preceding six months of the facility use.

Facility Use Contract

Whereas, the Tri-County Lodge # 3 Fraternal Order of Police (“The Entity”) is an entity having no state or national affiliation, and is the owner of a building located in Berkeley County at 5817 Campbell St., Hanahan, South Carolina 29410 (lodge facility); and

Whereas, the lodge facility is inspected regularly to assure compliance with local and State laws governing such facilities and reasonable efforts are made to conform to current requirements; and

Whereas, the undersigned desires to use the lodge facility to host a private gathering, and the Entity desires to allow such private use;

Now, therefore, in consideration of the use of the lodge facility, and other valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned user hereby agrees as follows:


These rules and requirements are to be followed so that we may continue to offer the lodge facility at a minimal cost for the enjoyment of all our members.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  1. The undersigned hereby acknowledges that he or she has had an opportunity to inspect the said premises and that the premises are safe for the intended use and are in conformity with existing State and local law. The undersigned agrees to hold the Entity, its agents, servants, officers, directors, members and employees harmless of and from any and all claims for injury or damage by the undersigned, his or its guests or invitees, arising out of or in any way connected to the use of said premises, including any and all claims for negligence or recklessness in connection with the maintenance, use or condition of the said premises. The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify the Entity, its agents, servants, officers, directors, members and employees against any and all said claims and agrees to defend the Entity, its agents, servants, officers, directors, members and employees against any such claims.
  2. The undersigned acknowledges that the lodge facility phone number is (843) 744 – 7255 and there is no active long distance carrier. The undersigned will be billed for any long-distance or “information” charges accruing during lodge use by the undersigned, and the undersigned agrees to reimburse the Entity for any and all such charges incurred during the time of possession of the premises by the undersigned, his or its agents, guests or invitees, irrespective of the caller.
  3. The undersigned acknowledges that the lodge facility is a “smoke-free” environment, and no smoking is permitted within the building. Smoking outside the premises is permitted. The undersigned shall assure all guests or invitees comply with this restriction.
  4. The undersigned acknowledges that the entity does not endorse the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises and has no control over the consumption or serving of alcoholic beverages by the undersigned, his or its guests and invitees. The service of alcoholic beverages to a minor and the consumption of alcoholic beverages to a minor are strictly prohibited. The undersigned further agrees to strictly enforce said policy, and shall not allow alcoholic beverages to be served to or consumed by any person intending to operate a motor vehicle on the public streets or highways is strictly prohibited. The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify the Entity, its agents, servants, officers, directors, members and employees against any and all claims for damages or injuries arising or connected with the consumption of alcoholic beverages by any person or entity, including third parties, and agrees to defend the Entity, its agents, servants, officers, directors, members and employees against any such claims. It is the responsibility of the undersigned to ensure compliance with all applicable laws .
  5. The facility contains a small kitchen and various appliances for use in food preparation. The lodge facility is not intended for use as a retail food establishment nor is it authorized/licensed to allow preparation of foodstuffs for sale out of the facility. The undersigned acknowledges this restriction and hereby agrees to comply with it.
  6. Every effort is made to ensure cleanliness of the facility before each use. The undersigned acknowledges that he/she is responsible for cleaning the facility after use. Trash bags are provided and all interior trash receptacles should have new trash bags replaced. All trash and refuse are required to be removed from the premises. The exterior green trash receptacles are not to be used.
  7. The facility contains electronic components, such as a large screen television, stereo equipment, and public address equipment. The undersigned hereby assumes responsibility for any damages that may occur to said equipment while the facility is in use or possession by the undersigned, his or its guests or invitees. This equipment is only available after a non-refundable $100 deposit is submitted.
  8. The facility contains various furniture and an audio/video cabinet which are not to be moved from their current location. The only furniture permitted to be moved around inside the lodge are the white tables and folding chairs. No lodge property is to be taken outside of the facility for any reason. All items must be returned to their original location upon the completion of the event.
  9. No items shall be nailed or otherwise affixed to the walls of the premises in such a manner as to damage the walls or artwork contained thereon, nor shall any artwork or display be dismantled. Anything that is placed at the lodge by the undersigned for the event is to be removed by the end of the event. Furniture may be arranged as necessary for each function, but the undersigned shall return it to its original state after use.
  10. It is hereby acknowledged and understood that the use of the lodge facility does not constitute endorsement by the Entity of or alignment with any political, religious, fraternal, business or professional organization. No advertisement, representation or communication in any form or manner, oral or written, may be published, advertised or otherwise stated implying any such endorsement or affiliation.
  11. The undersigned acknowledges the entity is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged during such use of the premises.
  12. Illegal activity of any nature is prohibited on or about the premises.
  13. The undersigned agrees to be present at the start and until the end of all activities at the Lodge. The undersigned member will also be the only person entrusted with the key/door code and open and close the building.
  14. The undersigned furthers states that he/she is a paid active member in good standing.
  15. Any paper goods, plates, disposable utensils, food stuff, drinks, and or food and food products in the building are the property of the Lodge and its members. These items present in the building are not to be used and or consumed at any time and is for the sole use of the members during and at official functions.
  16. All equipment, stoves, sinks, food preparation areas, pots, pans, utensils, etc. shall be cleaned and left in good order. Any problems with the lodge, building or equipment at the lodge shall be reported immediately to the Sergeant at Arms, Gary Zimmer, at
  17. The parking area outside and around the building shall be policed for any trash and or debris that may have been left by the guests and properly disposed of.
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