FOP Meeting Highlights

//FOP Meeting Highlights

FOP Meeting Highlights

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On Monday evening, our lodge met for the July regular monthly business meeting.

With nearly 50 people in attendance, the meeting began with our complimentary meal provided by our renowned Meals Committee. During dinner, the members networked with contacts and reacquainted with old friends.

At the conclusion of dinner, the business of the lodge began.

New Members

Our membership grew with the acceptance of 6 new applications from various local, state and federal agencies.

Officer Reports

President John Blackmon: spoke on the changes to the executive board with the election of Scott Rywelski as treasurer and Ed Semlitsch as sergeant at arms, responded to media requests, posted articles on the website, visited the NCPD officer who was shot at MUSC, provided a report of the State board meeting

Vice President Travis Dodd: worked on committee assignments

Treasurer Scott Rywelski: processed income and expenses

Secretary Jacqui Woodall: worked on committee assignments

Second Vice President Eddie Draper: mailed numerous get well cards, called sick and distressed officers

Sergeant at Arms Ed Semlitsch: worked on committee assignments

Past President Dan Isgett: worked on committee assignments

Past President Ric Piersol: attended FOP Night at the Riverdogs

Past President Gilbert Smith: absent

Report of Committees:

Awards (Eddie Draper) – will begin reporting in December

Building Committee (Ed Semlitsch) – seeking volunteers to resolve numerous pending repair projects.

Sponsorship & Discounts (Ed Semlitsch) Working with a doctor’s office now to finalize sponsorship. If you know a business that would like to support the FOP, please contact Chairman Semlitsch.

By-Laws (Jacqui Woodall) – an amendment to the standing rules was proposed pertaining to political endorsements. The membership decided to halt any political endorsements until a procedure are established to vet candidates.  The membership was voted against a bylaw change which would remove the Chaplain position from the Executive Board and replace the position with the Immediate Past President.  The membership also approved a bylaw proposal which changes the State bylaws to allow local lodges to determine how new members are accepted.

Christmas Party (Eddie Draper) – will begin reporting in September

Donations (Scott Rywelski) – one request approved by the membership

Flag Pole (Aaron Reed) – flag lowered in honor the victims of the Dallas tragedy

Food & Meals (Bill Lang) – served chicken and brats

FOP Cop & Kids (Megan Heid) – will begin reporting in September

Golf Tournament (Travis Dodd) – pending a reschedule date

History (Eddie Draper) – displayed large size replicas of news articles of important lodge events, working with past presidents

LE Appreciation Night (Travis Dodd) – will be reporting in December.

Legal Defense (Ryan Heid) – More members joined the plan.  Plan B applicants can now pay bi-annually at $34 every six months

Legislative (Dan Isgett) – PTSD Bill, Retirement Issues, Statehouse Report published each Monday. Printed report published

Meeting Security (Ed Semlitsch) – Tom Botchie handled security on behalf of the Sergeant at Arms

Membership Events (Eddie Draper) Movie Night with Barrell of the Gun on July 29

Memorial (Eddie Draper) will begin reporting in January

Merchandise (Travis Dodd) – Only 3XL Memorial shirts are available.

Recruitment and Retention (Travis Dodd) numerous social media postings and responded to calls and emails concerning membership.

Special Olympics (Harold Phillips) no report

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the committee chairperson.

Unfinished Business

The membership was advised concerning the pending investigation of an individual who was using the FOP name to scam local businesses

The Charleston 9 memorial brick was purchased as approved by the membership at the June meeting

New Business

From the Grand Lodge
Washington Watch: Legislative Update
Importance of Federal Equipment Programs
Kent State Joins FOP University
FOP Prevails On Equipment Programs Amendment
FOP-IACP Call for Al LEOs to Wear Mourning Bands
DOJ Needs to Investigate Dallas Shootings as a Hate Crime

Good of the Order

Reminder that we will be voting for our lodge’s vote for FOP Presidential Endorsement at the August meeting.

The Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3 meets monthly on the second Monday at our lodge facility in Hanahan. Doors open at 6 pm for networking and fellowship with a complimentary meal served. Join us for at the next FOP Meeting.

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