I’ve got money but I’m not gonna pay, I do it quickly and then move away.

Shopping for hours not buying a thing, my clever quickness a bounty will bring.

I take these things whatever I feel, on my person I can conceal.

Hundreds maybe thousands, the inventory won’t dent,

It’s all profit, no overhead I’ve spent.

It’s not my first, I do it all the time, get out the door and yes it’s mine.

I perform magic, think I won’t? Now you see it, now you don’t!

Makeup, cigars or any type of goods, think I wouldn’t? Oh yes I would!

Frozen steaks, cans of fish, what’s for dinner? Anything I wish.

Security guard, off-duty cop, my friends and I they will never stop.

A profitable craft when practiced well, if you don’t, better run like hell!

Over the years the charges mount, call it what you will – it’s the “five-finger discount.”

Reginald Sharpe

Reginald E. (Reggie) Sharpe is a career law enforcement officer who found his niche hunting down "wanted" people.He was recognized in 2011 (following a story in American Police Beat magazine) by The Post and Courier newspaper and the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy for a career total of over 15,000 at that time. The last official count was in April 2012 where it was at 16,464. These ranged from murder offenses to bogus checks. It is believed that he has served more warrants than any individual policeman in United States history and as a result been dubbed "The Warrant Man."

Now near retirement, he has taken the advice of his friends and decided to bottle the sauces once shared as a hobby with coworkers. He is still an actively employed policeman hunting fugitives.

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