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There is no doubt that there are strength in numbers. Nationally, the Fraternal Order of Police boasts over 330,000 members and I’m proud to say that of those, we have over 900 members within Tri-County Lodge # 3!  We are by far the largest lodge in South Carolina. Our membership continues to grow because officers are learning about all the good we do within our area and beyond.
It is truly a great feeling to know you’re part of the largest law enforcement organization in the world, and more specifically our local lodge. The camaraderie felt between our membership is second to none.
We are diligently working to continue to grow our lodge. The more officers we have within our ranks, the larger our collective voice becomes.
To continue to grow, I challenge all of our members to try and recruit a new officer to the FOP this month. We could potentially double our membership overnight if we could sell the FOP to another officer.
When you think about it, the FOP really sells itself. We employ full time lobbyists not only in Washington, DC, but also at our statehouse in Columbia.  We have the most comprehensive Legal Defense Plan available, hands down.  Locally, we strive to serve the membership by providing monthly meetings, email and social media alerts on important topics.
Each year our lodge recognizes our fallen officers through our Lowcountry Law Enforcement Memorial Service. Additionally, we recognize the outstanding work officers do at our annual Awards Banquet. Throughout the year we also hold and participate in various events to bring the membership together. Our Christmas Party, Law Enforcement Appreciation Night, Riverdogs and Stingrays nights, and Movie nights are just a few examples of the events we hold.
Talk about the FOP and all the good we do to your fellow officers. Invite them to a meeting or bring them to one of our events. Don’t forget, for every member you refer,  you’re entered to win $100 at the meeting!

Matt Woodall

Vice President at Tri-County FOP Lodge #3
A 15 year veteran of local law enforcement who now serves as Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3.

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