The Fraternal Order of Police is a member of the Public Safety Coalition which was created to work in unison to address the attack on our pension system.  The Public Safety Coalition submitted a return-to-work solution to the subcommittee which does not increase the cost to the system, employees or employers and will even provide a small gain to the system. The recommendation allows any PORS member that retired prior to December 31, 2017, to return to work without a salary limitation/cap. A request for the return to work solution was presented to members of the subcommittee on Thursday, March 15, 2018.

On Wednesday. March 28, the Senate Finance Committee declined to remove the cap limitations for any return-to-work retirees.  No one received an exemption from the earnings limitation. No teachers, No Law Enforcement, No State employees.

The FOP is continuing to work on these issues for the betterment of law enforcement.

You can watch the proceedings on the Statehouse website.


Members of the Senate Finance Committee

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A retired law enforcement officer who now serves as the President of the Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3.
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