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In a few short words: We are simple, we are honest, we are friendly and we are family. Andrew and Richard Lingle (brothers) started our Charleston HVAC company in 2004. We were very proud of both our accomplishments and our work.

From homeowners, contractors and city inspectors we continued to hear the phrase, “Your work is the best I have ever seen.” This was a good feeling and always the response we wanted. We knew our work hides behind the walls, but it is something we were proud of.

One employee at a time we have continued to grow this company and teach our staff about good morals. We have taught them about our demand for quality and our demand for pride. We ensure our employees handle every customer and their home respectfully. As we continue to grow, we will always continue to work hands on with our employees. We meet customers, we take phone calls and we respond in a timely manner. Just like everyone in the world we must work in order to support our families and we are happy to do this all while offering good ol honest service to the city we grew up in.
P.O. Box 912
Johns Island
SC – South Carolina

We have been proud to call the Lowcountry home for 50 years. “Call Today, Comfortable Tonight” is a promise that we deliver every day through our commitment to the highest level of customer service and quality. There is LimRic Pride in every home we visit and in every job we complete. It is seen in our fleet of orange-and-blue trucks, and it is heard every time a homeowner or business owner calls us.

From residential HVAC system repairs and installations to commercial jobs, we offer comprehensive services to meet each of our customers’ needs.
4546 Dorchester Rd
North Charleston
South Carolina
Parker Land Surveying

Steve Parker, formerly of Trico Engineering, had a passion for his employees and clients, so together he and his wife Pam opened Parker Land Surveying, LLC. Our Survey Crews are never more than a few minutes away, making PLS extremely responsive in times of need. Our office staff also works diligently to provide exceptional service.

Currently, PLS operates out of three offices and has 40 employees which include eight licensed surveyors. Our equipment list is shown under our statement of qualifications, which is located on our web page.

The staff at Parker Land Surveying work together to provide the best possible service to all its clients.
5910 Griffin Street