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Lawriders Motorcycle Club

The Law Riders Motorcycle Club (LRMC) was established in May 2001 after converting from the 25th Chapter of the Wild Pigs. LRMC was formed to promote and increase camaraderie between current and retired law enforcement officers. The LRMC is, however, more than just a group of law enforcement officers riding motorcycle together, it is a brotherhood beyond the thin blue line.There are eight original charter members still active in the club. The club members come from local, state and federal law enforcement positions which we feel our priorities of family, careers and club are in the proper sequence.
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South Carolina Police Cruiser Image Database

The South Carolina Police Cruiser Image Database was established in 2011 with a simple goal in mind. Our mission is to showcase the law enforcement vehicles from each and every agency within the State of South Carolina. Our purpose is to allow agencies to not only show off vehicles from their agencies, but also to have a dependable resource when designing their latest cruisers. It is for this purpose that we seek to take pictures that not only showcase an agencies graphics package, but also the communications and equipment set up selected by these various agencies. After all, countless hours are put into designing these cruisers which are symbols of the communities they represent, so we aim to make that task a little easier. As a result the database has proudly become the most comprehensive resource for South Carolina law enforcement vehicles on the internet, and prides itself on representing the Palmetto States finest.