On Saturday, June 25, I attended the South Carolina State Fraternal Order of Police Board of Directors Meeting.  The board meeting was held at the Midlands Lodge #1 facility on Broad River Road.

At the meeting, the officers presented their reports of activity since the last meeting.  Local lodges presented their reports also.  With a tremendous amount of information reported, I have only included some of the important highlights.

National Trustee Report

After the murder of Officer Jacobs, the Greenville Police reached out the FOP for help obtaining legal defense.  National Trustee Jerry Wright worked with Greenville Lodge President and Mike Loftis to assist those officers.

The Legal Defense plan has agreed to allow South Carolina officers to pay for legal defense plan B in two $34 installments.


The PTSD bill H.5001 is a proviso which was adopted during Senate Finance budget deliberations.  The proviso directs that $500,000 be provided to offset out-of-pocket expenses of public safety officers who incur mental injury as a result of a critical incident during the scope of employment.

The state passed the body camera legislation last year.  Now the legislation was funded by the General Assembly.

We expect numerous bills proposing changes to the state pension system next legislative term.

New Business

At our August meeting, we must take a vote as to who our membership would like to endorse for President. This vote will be submitted to National Trustee Jerry Wright before August 30. Each member of the State Board of Directors gets one vote. (Executive Board and Lodge Trustees) The majority of that vote will dictate who the National Trustee will vote for at the National Board Meeting. The majority of the National Board vote will then decide who the National FOP endorses for president.

The State Fallen Officer Candlelight Vigil will be held on November 11 at 6:30pm at the South Carolina Law Enforcement Memorial on the Statehouse grounds in Columbia.  The Board of Directors voted to purchase 300 challenge coins commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Memorial.

Good of the Order


State Member of the Year Nominations are due before August 1.

The state conference will be October 13-15 in Myrtle Beach.

The next State Board meeting will be held during the state conference


Candidates for State Office


  • Jimmy Mixson
  • Shylah Murray

Vice President

  • Terry Gainey


  • David McClure


  • Fred Thorton

Second Vice President

  • KC Canterbury

Sergeant at Arms

  • Mike Peek


  • Mike Loftis


Should any member have any questions about the meeting, I will be happy to discuss the concerns.