1976965_10208252153328347_7499459281796392932_nThe convicted murderer of South Carolina Highway Patrol Corporal Jeff Johnson committed suicide in his jail cell at Lieber Correctional Facility.

This was the first law enforcement officers funeral that I attended as a police officer. I had the opportunity to meet and know Jeff while I was a South Carolina Highway Patrol Explorer as well as while I was at Hanahan.

The memory of this funeral and all others remain with me as a constant reminder of the dangers my brothers, sisters and I face on a daily basis.

Jeff left behind a wife and two children who’ve not only had to deal with the sudden and senseless loss of a husband and father but also all the legal battles that have ensued since July 2002, when he was murdered.

The name of the criminal that killed him is not important and won’t be posted by me. What’s important to me is that we continue to honor Jeff’s memory and ensure his legacy continues.

Kenneth Jeffrey Johnson
EOW: Sunday, July 7, 2002 — with Kenneth Jeffrey Johnson.