War on Cops is Real

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War on Cops is Real

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In a recent editorial in the Washington Post, Radley Balko claims that no War on Cops exist.  He goes even farther to suggest that anyone referring to a War on Cops is “playing a dangerous game.”

Mr. Balko throws out some statistics to back his claims.  Gunfire deaths of law enforcement are near an all-time low.   Sure, if January 1 is used as a marking point to determine the aggression against law enforcement.  However, remove the situations where a criminal was trying to evade arrest.  Look at the incidents where officers were targeted – where they were assassinated for wearing the badge.

Then shift the date to August 9, 2014.  Look at the attacks against law enforcement since the incident in Ferguson, Missouri.  Since then, too many law enforcement officers have been murdered simply because they were law enforcement officers.  No other reason.

Locally, Berkeley County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Will Rogers was close to being another statistic.

Riots and vile messages of hate became the norm for “activists.”  It became ok to demand the deaths of people because of the profession they chose.  The men and women who protect our communities unfairly became the villains.

Craig W. Floyd

Craig W. Floyd, Chairman of NLEOMF

CNN reported in March of 2015, concerning these type of attacks on law enforcement.  Even before the killings of Texas Deputy Goforth and New Orleans Patrolman James Bennett, this problem was on the forefront.  National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Chairman Craig Floyd was quoted in the article, “With the increasing number of ambush-style attacks against our officers, I am deeply concerned that a growing anti-government sentiment in America is influencing weak-minded individuals to launch violent assaults against the men and women working to enforce our laws and keep our nation safe.”

The Wall Street Journal published an article recognizing this dilemma.  The articles quotes a female sergeant in New York, “The perps feel more empowered to carry guns because they know that we are running scared.”  This boldness is concretely resulting from the War on Cops that Mr. Balko wants to ignore.

Mr. Balko is wrong.  No matter how he intends to spin the numbers, there is a war on cops. The war is not just about numbers.  It’s about numbers and sentiment.  And the time has come for the American public to say enough is enough.

Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said it best, “In our society we need leaders, not just in elected office, we need clergy and business and other leaders in our community to say enough is enough.”

He continued, “These are the men and women we need to stand up and protect us. We need to make sure they have the training and they follow through on that training. We need to increase and improve relations for sure, but we cannot have it any more this idea that it’s OK to go after law enforcement just because they wear the uniform and just because they have a badge.”

I encourage all citizens to stand up and be heard.  Whether physical or otherwise, the attacks on law enforcement must stop.


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John Blackmon

A retired law enforcement officer who now serves as the President of the Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3.
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  1. Matt Alan September 15, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    There is a war going on everyday in America. Some would have you believe that it’s just a figment of our imagination. The truth is that everyday we pin on a badge and work to protect our communities, we are a target for violent offenders that seek us out to inflict pain upon us.

    How many jobs do you know of where you can’t sit at a table to eat without fear of being gunned down? (Lakewood, Washington)

    How many jobs do you know of where you can’t pump gas in your car without fear of being gunned down? (Harris County, Texas)

    How many jobs do you know of where you can’t just sit in your car without fear of being gunned down? (New York, New York)

    How many jobs do you know of where you can’t stand in a parking lot and speak with a citizen without fear of being gunned down? (Moncks Corner, SC)

    I can go on and on with examples of how my brothers and sisters have been seriously injured or murdered for no other reason than they pinned on a badge.

    The bottom line is that the war on cops is real.

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