Washington Watch: Legislative Update

For the Week of 26 November 2018 

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Executive Director Jim Pasco:

  • Met with Brooke L. Rollins, Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental and Technology Initiatives, in the Office of American Innovation and Jennifer S. Korn, Special Assistant to the President, regarding prison and sentencing reform;
  • Held discussions with Steven H. Cook, Associate Deputy Attorney General regarding U.S. Department of Justice investigation into allegations against police activity in St Louis, Missouri;
  • Represented the FOP at the White House Christmas reception.

Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson:

  • Represented the FOP at the National Officer Safety and Wellness Group Meeting held at the U.S. Department of Justice;
  • Met with Edward Parkinson, Acting Chief Executive Officer for the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), to discuss the most recent developments and future coordination.

Senior Legislative Liaison Richardson and Legislative Liaison Mike Martin met with staff in the offices of Senators Roy D. Blunt (R-MO), John N. Kennedy (R-LA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to discuss opportunities to move the H.R. 5698/S. 2794, the “Protect and Serve Act,” in the final days of this Congress.

Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson and Legislative Liaison Scott Marks participated in a conference call with State and federal stakeholders regarding the National Blue Alert Program.

Legislative Liaison Mike Martin, who has been part of the National Legislative Office for more than three years, has left the FOP this week and is returning to his home State of New York.  While it is sad to see him go, we wish him the best in his next endeavor!


Action in Senate Committees 

The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Development held a hearing entitled: “Combating Money Laundering and Other Forms of Illicit Finance: Regulator and Law Enforcement Perspectives on Reform.”


For the complete list of cosponsors for all of our top legislative priorities, or to find out if your Representative and Senators are cosponsors of specific bills, check out https://www.congress.gov/

Support H.R. 1205/S. 915, the “Social Security Fairness Act”

One additional lawmaker has co-sponsored H.R. 1205 bringing our total to 194.

We have 27 co-sponsors on S. 915.

Support the H.R. 964/S. 424, the “Law Enforcement Officers’ Equity Act”

We have 51 co-sponsors on H.R 964.

We have 6 co-sponsors on S. 424.

Support H.R. 4846/ S. 2845, the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act”

We have 58 co-sponsors on H.R. 4846.

We have 7 co-sponsors on S. 2845.

Support the National FOP PAC

It is crucial to our political agenda we keep our PAC competitive with other organizations.

If you want more information on the PAC or want to sign up for a $5.00 monthly recurring contribution, please email scott.marks@fop.net or call (202)547-8189.

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